General structure of plastic injection molds that you need to know







Mold Yin Empire: The main function to make the mold clamping on plastic injection machines negative (2 extra shoulder for clamping on plastic injection machines clicked)



Mold Yin: The primary function to mounting Insert Mold Yin



Mold positive: Insert main function to attach a positive mold



Call it: The main function to create the space for the plate jig is burned Lot and Lot's only words.


Lói lining: The main function of self-interest to keep from falling off the plate pheasant (pheasant and liner is used to keep the company lói lói)



Insert Mold Music: The main function to shape the product



Insert Mold Ocean: The main function to shape the product



Round Define: Used to locate the injection machine Mold Yin



Colloidal Silver: Leading from the first plastic injection molding machine plastic canal



Anti Floors: Positioning between negative mold and the positive mold (minus Anti mold and mold floor between positive as plastic injection molding dragon)



Fasteners & Silver guided navigation: Navigate to the negative mold and the positive mold when molded


People benefit: It includes key lead and silver benefit the people benefit. Used to navigate for pheasant plate and lined error moving


Fasteners & Springs in recovery: Used to push pheasant and lined sheet of the molded lói



Call it women: casting a positive (Earnings to call it)



A: To push the product out of the mold


Lure: to push the strip out of the mold



                  Process 1 the mold assembly

Step 1: Enter into the model mold plate. Step 2: Insert the guides on the silver plate on the site.

Step 3: Insert the clamping plate with the mold on.

Step 4: Insert the stem sprayed silver plate and bolt clamps on two panels mold to the data together.

Step 5: Insert the sheet positioning clamp ring and two bolts on hold within your nails.

Step 6: Insert the key into the plate mold guide below.

Step 7: Insert the plate pushed in (if fitted using the company pushed companies pushed into the mounting plate latch simultaneously hold back.

Step 8: Install four springs and two bearings.

Step 9: Installation of panels and four latches holding back.

Step 10: Install the four bolts pushed and pushed and broken links holding plate.

Step 11: Insert the clamping plate and the four bolts on the link mobile parts.